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ARC CCD Neural Markers Training Scheme (2018) The outcome of impact: Detecting sports concussion with consumer-grade EEG. Sowman P, Badcock N, He W, Savage G, Cohen A, & Wehrman J. ($6,284)

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ARC CCD Neural Markers Training Scheme (2015). Locating and identifying effects of semantic neighbourhood in naming. Fieder N, Badcock NA, Nickels L, & Hameau S ($7, 350)


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Australian Catholic University Research Funding (2014/15). The Developmental of Facial Expression Processing. Willis M, Palermo R, & Badcock NA ($40,000).

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MQ Research Development Grant (2012 – 2014). The role of temporal attention in developmental dyslexia: How does foreperiod affect single-target processing? Badcock NA, McArthur G, & Badcock DR ($47,188)